Business Time Tracker

Know the time spent on activities, clients, and projects.
Personally and across the company.

How It Works

The app automatically tracks active windows and records source data:

  • start and end times;
  • processes, titles, websites, and URLs;
  • solutions, folders, and filenames.

Then it binds the following attributes:

  • activity categories, clients, and projects;
  • user roles and organizational units.

So, you may get time and cost Excel reports on any of these attributes.

You do not need to track times manually.
The app do this automatically.

Personal Data and Business Goals

Business Time Tracker has two primary goals:

  • Delivering actual and precise data to improve personal productivity.
  • Delivering aggregate data to measure times and costs spent on activity categories, clients, and projects.

To keep privacy, the app allows storing source data in a local database and synchronizing aggregated data only.

Features by Editions

Tracking features
Basic reports
Reports for categories, project, and clients
Reports for organizational units and business rolesx
Personal tracker mode
Corporate database modex
Synchronizing with a corporate databasex
Permission managementx
Commercial usex
Price per copy, one time, USD24954995
Price per copy, per year, USD11952495
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