Edition Comparison

Edition Comparison

Tracking features
Basic reports
Reports for categories, project, and clients
Reports for organizational units and business rolesx
Personal tracker mode
Corporate database modex
Synchronizing with a corporate databasex
Permission managementx
Commercial usex

Trial Version Limitations

You can use Business Time Tracker without any limit during a 15-day trial period.

To start the trial, you have to activate it, for free.

When the trial period expires, Business Time Tracker stops working, and you have the following options:

  1. To purchase a license and register the Personal or Enterprise edition.
  2. To purchase a subscription and register the Personal or Enterprise edition.
  3. To stop the use and remove Business Time Tracker from a computer.

Business Time Tracker uses the SaveToDB Add-in for Microsoft Excel as a reporting tool.

The SaveToDB add-in is an independent product developed by our company.

The add-in allows working with the Business Time Tracker databases for free.

To work with other databases, you have to obtain a separate license.

If you install the SaveToDB add-in for the first time, you have to activate it.

See additional information about the SaveToDB add-in at www.savetodb.com.

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