Tray Application

Tray Application

Use the Business Time Tracker icon in the system tray to manage the application.

The icon may have three colors:

  • Green - the tracker is working - the tracker is working.
  • Yellow - the tracker is working and requires your attention - the tracker is working and requires your attention.
  • Red - the tracker stopped - the tracker stopped.

The application menu includes the following controls:

Business Time Tracker - Tray Menu
This button starts the tracker.
This button stops the tracker.
Run at Logon
This checkbox adds the tracker to the AutoRun section to start the tracker automatically on Windows logon.
This button starts synchronizing data.
Use the Options dialog box to manage synchronization rules.
Create Report Workbook
This menu allows creating Excel reporting workbooks for local and central databases.
You may save the created workbook to use it later.
This menu allows changing the user interface language.
This button opens the Options dialog box.
This button opens the application help.
This button opens the application website,
Register Product...
This button starts the product registration wizard.
Use this option to activate the trial and the purchased license.
This button opens the dialog box with the product information.
This button exits the application.
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